Village of Poland Solicitor's Journal

Welcome to our new web page for the Village Solicitor.

As the attorney for the Village, it is the Solicitor’s job to guide the Village’s elected officials and employees through any legal issues that arise. The Solicitor also attends council meetings and is available to answer questions, if possible.

Many times we receive letters, questions at council meetings, or inquiries through the website that contain common topics facing the Village and its residents. Many topics are fairly routine or seasonal, such as fallen trees, potholes, and political signs. Other topics are more complex, for example the regulation of group homes, road and sewer projects, and the Poland Municipal Forest.

Over the next several months and continuing thereafter, we will have short articles available for Village residents to find answers to these commonly encountered issues or official statements on a given issue. Even with this section in place, we will always be happy to address a particular question or concern to the best of our ability.