Live Village Meeting Broadcasts

In order to promote Social Distancing, Poland Village Council is temporarily holding virtual meetings in lieu of public meetings at Village Hall. The public is invited to view the meetings online at no charge. A currently live meeting will be broadcast via YouTube below. Registration is not required to view the meeting.

If you wish to participate in public comment, you will need to create a free account and join using the Zoom software with the instructions found below. Registration is required to participate in public comment. Public comment is open to Poland Village residents. Non-residents who wish to comment must submit a request to the mayor in advance of the meeting.

To View A Meeting Without Participating:

Use the invitation below to join the meeting using Zoom. Your video and audio will not be connected by default.

To Participate in Public Comment:

  1. Use the invitation below to join the meeting using Zoom.
  2. You will be prompted to create a free account. A paid account is not necessary to participate in this public meeting hosted by the Village of Poland.
  3. When you join, you will be placed in a waiting room until the meeting begins. You will be granted access by a meeting member.
  4. Your camera and microphone should not be enabled when you first join. You are asked to keep your camera and microphone off for the duration of the meeting.
  5. When the meeting is opened for public comment, you will be asked to "Raise your Hand" using the Raise Hand feature in the Zoom app. You may also type the word "comment" in the chat window.
  6. When you are called on to speak, your camera and microphone will be enabled for you! You will be asked to state your name for the record as if you were attending in person.
  7. By participating in public comment, you agree that you camera and microphone will be used and shown publicly. If you do not wish to have your camera and microphone shared, please view the meeting via YouTube instead. Public comments may still be submitted in writing and mailed to Village Hall.
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 738 811 0350
Password: 1800851